Portals for Norwegian Language Learners


Norwegian Language Learning Portals* that are Bilingual (Norwegian/English):

Duolingo: Bokmål Norwegian

This language learning app is popular among people learning Bokmål Norwegian.

Norwegian on the Web by NTNU

This is a free online Norwegian course provided by the NTNU university. Level: A1-A2.

Norwegian on the Web 2 by NTNU

This is a free online Norwegian course provided by the NTNU university. Level: B1.

Learn Now by NTNU

This is a free Norwegian course at level A1-A2 (approximately). And Learn Now 2 is a B1-course specifically designed for healthcare workers.


This is a grammar site where Norwegian grammar is explained both in English and Norwegian.

Sett i gang

This is a free online Norwegian curriculum for beginners. If you want the accompanying textbook, you´ll have to purchase it.

På gang

This is an online intermediate Norwegian curriculum. If you want the accompanying textbook, you´ll have to purchase it.

Bridge to Norway by UCL

This is a Norwegian language portal provided University College London.

CALST: Computer-Assisted Listening and Speaking Tutor

Use this digital assistent to improve your listening and speaking ability in Norwegian!

Books in 2 Languages: Norwegian for Beginners

Learn Norwegian online with this English/Norwegian online course book.


Bnorsk.no is a portal for everyone who wants to learn Norwegian.

Kompetanse Norge / Skills Norway in English

This is the website of the government agency which is in charge of Norwegian language teaching to adults in Norway.

Loecsen: Learn Norwegian

On this site, you can learn some of the most essential Norwegian words and phrases.

Capeesh: Norwegian

This is an app which provides Norwegian language training to companies.

(Payment Required)

italki: Norwegian

This is a site where you can connect with Norwegian teachers who can teach you online 1-to-1.

(Payment Required)


This site provides tailored Norwegian language courses online.

(Payment Required)

Memrise: Norwegian

This is language learning app which you can use to learn Norwegian. Payment is required for certain features.

IGIN: Interaktive grammatikkoppgaver

This website contains numerous Norwegian grammar exercises.

Bildetema (Picture Dictionary)

Learn new vocabulary with this picture dictionary. Select Bokmål and English (or another language which you´re fluent in) and start learning!

Lexin Dictionaries

This is a Bokmål Norwegian dictionary which probides translation into many other languages (but unfortunately not to English).


This website contains an excellent English-Norwegian dictionary, as well as several other dictionaries.

(Payment Required)

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The most important resources on Bnorsk.no:

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Most of these resources are in the Norwegian language, although a few of them include brief introductions or explanations in English.

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