The Best Free Digital Resources for Learning Norwegian

Beginner? Here are the Free Online Resources you Need to Get Started!
On this page, you can find a list of free online resources for English speakers who are just starting to learn Norwegian!

This list is made for people who are learning Bokmål Norwegian. (If you are learning Nynorsk, then you should instead visit


1. The Best Free Digital Resources for Beginners

Resources made available by are written in blue.
Resources that are not free of charge are written in red.

c) Dictionaries

d) Grammar

Grammar resources provided by (in Norwegian, not in English):

e) Reading

f) Free Online Norwegian Courses

h) Apps

2. Resources from for beginners:

Below, you can find various free online resources for beginners provided by These resources are only in the Norwegian language. However, these pages are so self-explanatory that you should be able to understand pretty much all of the content even if you hardly speak a word of Norwegian yet. So don´t hesitate, but click on some of the icons below to start learning :-).

a) Vocabulary:

Start learning essential Norwegian vocabulary now! Each of the following pages include photos of the vocabulary you are learning, so it is easy to understand even though English translation is not provided :-). 

b) Introduce Yourself! / Get to Know Others!

Learn how to introduce yourself in Norwegian, and read these short text where other people introduce themselves. You may want to start with the story about Anita, as that text includes photos which explain key words and phrases.

c) Letters and Numbers:

Here you can learn letters, numbers and ordinal numbers in Norwegian.

3. Free Resources for the Next Level

So, what do you do when you are not a beginner anymore? If you have learned basic Norwegian and are ready to learn more, then it is time to start making use of the rest of the resources provided by  Most of the resources listed in the menu below are only available in Norwegian. However, now that you have learned basic Norwegian, you should be able to make use of these resources :-). 


ONLINE NORWEGIAN COURSE: Take the popular online Norwegian Course "The Mystery of Nils" (level A1-A2 or level B1-B2)!

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